Monday, 27 January 2014

I wish I was there

We are lucky enough to have two holidays booked for later this year, and I am so thankful that we have something to look forward to as the weather drops, the frost sets in and the rain seems relentless.

The people over at Alfresco are running a competition that asks us to remember a favorite holiday memory and I couldn't resist delving through the memories to find an image that reminds how much I love getting away from it all and enjoying some time with my family.

When Dylan was 15 months, we took a trip to Barcelona.  It was October and the sun was fading back home, but in Spain it was still warm enough for shorts and sunglasses and we enjoyed exploring the parks, strolling down the high streets and  admiring the architecture.  We had ten days of uninterrupted family time - no work or distractions and we relished this time, our last vacation as a family of three as there was another little boy getting bigger by the day in my belly.

The holiday was action packed, yet peaceful.  Our days were full of adventure, but when the evening arrived, we headed back to our apartment to watch a film or play cards as the little one snoozed.  This year there will be too little people accompanying us and I can't wait to explore with my little family, discover new places, try new foods and see things that amaze us, but for now, I wish I was here, in the warmth of Barcelona.

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