Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dressing the Bloke

The bloke and I met at a festival, a rock festival in fact and we have always shared a love of metal and rock music.  We have been to so many gigs over the months, both seperately and together and we are looking forward to seeing Arcade Fire in a couple of months.  With that in mind, I have put together a possible outfit from him as part of an entry to Debenham's #LoveDenim competiton

The bloke may be 30 now, but he is a long way from growing up and still has somewhat of a student style.  The outfit I have put together is something he would wear, without having the silly slogans he is prone to buying when unsupervised! 

These jeans are loose fit and look very comfy.  At only £35 I am tempted to buy them anyway as his wardrobe seriously needs an update!

A black T-shirt is ideal for a gig and I like this animal one.  It is still a bit cheeky and young but still acceptable at 30.

There is no point wearing nice shoes to a rock gig as they will most likely end up destroyed, so something simple like these canvas shoes (which are only £6!) are ideal, easy to wear and go with everything.

Although the weather is getting better every week, we are in the UK so some kind of jumper is necessary and I love this grey one from Tog 24.  It is exactly the kind of thing he would wear and that I would pick for him.

Now as you may have gathered from what I have written, the bloke is in need of a little help in the fashion department.  He doesn't do smart well and I have only ever seen him in a suit at weddings.  For a nice dinner out he would still wear a T-shirt and trainers if he was allowed, but I am slowly encouraging something a little smarter.  The outfit below is a compromise between what he would like to wear and my idea of a smart dinner outfit, and I think it would be perfect for him.

These darker straight leg jeans look much smarter than the baggy fits he usually wears

I adore this grey jumper and it may have made the cut mostly because I totally see myself in it too in the taxi home! It is smart for a meal out but still casual and comfy.  The White T-shirt to go underneath.

And finally these shoes would be only the bloke's third pair, he owns trainers and work shoes and I really like these for a smart-casual look.

I would love to win this competition and the chance to inject a little style in to the bloke's wardrobe (and perhaps treat myself to something too whilst I am there!). The children are never short of lovely clothes, but we often neglect ourselves!

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