Monday, 7 April 2014

Travelling with Toddlers

Toddlers are not known for being easy in any department, and with two under three, you would be forgiven for thinking that holidays are more stress than they are worth.  What we have found is the complete opposite and actually some time away, a break from routine and daily stress means relaxed parents and relaxed toddlers too.  Here are my top 5 tips for travelling with toddlers

1) Relax. 

They can totally sense fear and they play on it.  It isn't always easy when your flight landed an hour ago and you are still waiting for your luggage (us yesterday!), but if you can't change it then don't try.  Hit the vending machine for something sugary, use your hand luggage as a pillow and relax, chances are the kids will too.

Thank goodness for Gatwick airports pushchair service!

2) Don't take too many toys.

It is tempting to pack all their favourite games and puzzles to keep them occupied, and we have been guilty of taking an entire suitcase full of their things from home.  As it turned out, one child was happy to read Dear Zoo to himself for nearly two hours straight, whilst the other was mostly interested in climbing on things.  Taking a couple of well chosen favourites is definitely wise, but children are great at making their own fun, so even without their beloved train tracks, they will still have fun.

All this monkey needed was a pushchair basket to climb in and out of!

3) Don't worry about the mess.

With the space you have saved on toys, take plenty of spare tops, as there is nothing quite like a holiday to make you more relaxed with cleanliness and more likely to dish out the ice creams.  Toddlers have no concept of 'keep clean, you look lovely in that outfit', and will most likely drip ice cream/the blue lollipop you stupidly gave into all over themselves.  Relax, change them and finish those sticky sweet treats.

4)  If you can't beat them, join them.

Sometimes being an adult is great fun, but there are times when it is best to forget about responsibility and etiquette and join in with whatever silly games the little ones want to play.  It will not only leave you giggling all day, but the toddlers find it hilarious too.  Sometimes you have to hop all the way down the high street, some times it is building a snowman, but follow their lead.

Is there anything quite as fun as sliding down a big hill on your bum?

5)  Don't force the photos

Although it is lovely to have everything captured beautifully on camera, toddlers tend to have other ideas that involve either running away screaming or pulling funny faces.  As much as I try to get those lovely candid natural shots (and I do have a few), most of mine seem to come out with rather 'interesting' expressions.  I do have some beautiful shots of the scenery though - that was much happier to stay still!

If you are looking to travel with toddlers soon, then make sure you are fully prepared with passports, sugary snacks and a sense of humour, that is all you really need.

 This post is an entry in the Mark Warner Blogger Competition


  1. ooooooo 'Don't force the photo's'... what a great point! They always have the worst face when you try and get them to do something amazing for the camera!

    I love to be a big kid on holiday too. I think if you can't act like a kid on holiday when can you??

    Good Luck with the comp.

  2. Thanks Alice, I love the excuse to just be silly, there is far too much responsibility once you become an adult! x