Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Samsung Galaxy Phone

I love my camera, and ever since taking the plunge last October and investing in a DSLR, I haven't looked back.  I set up little photo shoots, I follow the boys round trying to capture them unawares and I will one day master the stealth shot.  I wouldn't be without it and I can really see that my photography has improved thanks to my shiny new equipment.

This doesn't change the fact that 90% of my photos are still taken with my trusty camera phone.  A DSLR is not always practical and it certainly doesn't fit in my pocket, but my phone is never far, and thanks to that I have some photos I will treasure forever.  I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the camera on it is fantastic, but the S5 has an auto focus that should put an end to the blurry photos of fast moving toddlers and with 16  megapixels, it doesn't matter if the best photo I take is on my camera, as the quality will be amazing.

Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 has some amazing technology - combine the pedometer app with the new Gear, and I can prove once and for all that I work very hard during the day! I don't think the bloke appreciates quite how much time I spend chasing round the troublesome twosome, but counting my steps and monitoring my day will show him that I really don't sit around eating biscuits as much as he thinks I do!

And speaking of the little ones, the new fingerprint technology should mean I never have to change the language back to English, apologise for sending messages that read kjdgdlfgdfkjgd or wake up at half past 2 thanks to someone setting my alarm!

All of these photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I would love to win the new S5 and take even better shots! I am entering this competition to win one

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