Thursday, 10 July 2014

A little Bit Lately

The weather has been warm, the sun has shone and we have spent every waking moment outdoors.  The boys love adventures and manage to find them everywhere they look.  We have spent plenty of mornings at our local sandy beach, afternoons learning to skim pebbles and leisurely picnics feeding the ducks down by the river.  We have blown off the usual play groups and routines and enjoyed each other's company.

I feel so lucky to have given them each a brother, a partner in crime and someone to share these adventures, as isn't life more fun with someone by your side?!  They may not always get on and they often have different agendas, but they are also friends and when they giggle together, there is nothing more precious.

We are lucky to live in a place of such opportunity.  Neither myself or the bloke drives, but we can find a day out and most importantly an adventure pretty much everywhere we look!

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