Saturday, 19 July 2014

Being Active Together

Being active is an important part of our family lives.  I have two children who love to be outdoors every waking moment, and they don't care if it is pouring with rain or bright and sunny.  With the boys still being under three, our Sunday morning bike rides and football games in the park are still a couple of years off, but here are our favourite activities for each season:


The spring is about walks along the river, feeding the duck, exploring the emerging flowers and baring our arms for the first time.  We love to visit a local park which is perfect for toddler adventures, and we always take along some stale bread for the hungry ducks.


The summer is about walks on the beach, sandcastle building, toe dipping and running barefoot.  Collecting water from the sea to make a fort, launching head first into everyone's sandcastles (so that may just be Archie) and walking to the ice cream van and back mean long sleeps for everyone!


The Autumn is for leaf crunching, stomping and crisp afternoons wrapped up warm in the park.  The swings, the slides, the climbing frames are ours as only the hardcore park go-ers are left! The days may be getting cooler, but the leaves are not going to crunch themselves!


The Winter is for wellies, puddle splashing, dancing in the rain and coming home to hot chocolate and teacakes at the end of the day.  We love wrapping up with hats, scarves and gloves and braving the elements.  A puddle suit is essential as no puddle is too big for my mini adventurers!

How do you keep active as a family?  This is my entry into the Mark Warner Mum competition

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